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Gordon Web Solutions works in multiple market segments. As equestrians, we have a strong understanding and lots of experience in stable management, equestrian schools, and facilities that host equine events.

Gordon Web Solutions was started by Scott Gordon who since 2001 worked in the Physical security industry and started Gordon Security Solutions in 2005. GSS provides security management software and threat and risk assessment software. Our strong understanding of how to manage data has assisted GWS in its efforts to provide integrated business continuity solutions for the markets we support.

As a firm believer in philanthropic activities and a current board member of the Gordon Charter Foundation, we understand the needs of non-profits and work with them to ensure their presence on the web is precisely what their focus is.

These are some examples of work we have done and continue to strive to be the best at.

  • Equestrian Training Programs and Facilities.
  • Corporations
  • Fitness Studios and Athletes
  • Automotive

If we have completed a site you like or part of a site you like please tell us so we can help you with your site to be exactly the way you want yours to be. Visit our template page to choose a pre-designed site which we will customize just for you.


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