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Innovative digital management solutions for equestrian businesses.

Manage your Equestrian Program More Efficiently

Upgrade Your Stable Management

Interactive Planning and Management
– Say goodbye to messy whiteboards.
– Plan and manage horse and stable duties interactively in minutes.

Real-Time Team Coordination
– Keep your entire team—owners, vets, and farriers—up to date in real-time.

Efficient Expense Management
– Stop manual allocation of expenses.
– Invoice customers quickly and easily.

Instant Access to Information
– Find all your horse’s information at your fingertips.

Time to Upgrade Your Game!

All-In-One Management Tool


Week Dashboard View

Add Multiple Tasks at Once

Records Management

Staff Management

Diary of Activites


Breeding Management For Mares and Stallions

Breeding Management For Mares and Stallions

Owner Management

Owner Details

Simplify Your Barn Management with Equicty

 All-in-One Barn Management Application
Equicty software is designed to streamline how you and your teams work, saving you time and money. Our intuitive software optimizes barn management tasks to enhance efficiency.

Comprehensive Features
Horse Health Tracking: Monitor horse health and schedule vet appointments effortlessly.
– Feed Management: Manage feeding schedules and nutritional needs.
Staff Coordination: Easily coordinate tasks and schedules for your team.

 User-Friendly and Customizable
Intuitive Interface: User-friendly features that cater to your equestrian business.
Customizable Options: Tailor the software to meet your unique needs.

 Say Goodbye to Manual Paperwork
Streamlined Operations: Eliminate manual paperwork and enhance productivity.
– Organized Information: Keep all owner’s details, records, reports, documents, x-rays, photos, and videos in one place.

 Efficient Management Tools
– View Weekly Schedules: See your entire week at a glance on one screen.
– Task Management: Manage all barn and horse tasks in a single spot.
– Billing and Expense Management: Simplify billing and expense tracking.
– Breeding Management: Efficiently handle all aspects of breeding management.

 Join the Growing Community
Join the growing number of horse professionals who are experiencing the time-saving benefits of Equicty. Upgrade to Equicty software today and revolutionize how you manage your barn.

Work Smarter


The software for any type of equestrian business that will simplify your and your teams life !

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Get full access to our easy-to-use digital stable management platform and experience an instant impact on your stable’s efficiency

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  • Instant gratification, less hassle, More efficiency

Introducing our cutting-edge equine management software, designed to revolutionize your equestrian business, stable, or riding club. Our innovative barn management app streamlines daily routines, enhances efficiency, and delivers optimal results. Say goodbye to manual planning, cumbersome bookings, and time-consuming payment processes.

Key Features:

– All-in-One Platform: Consolidate all your stakeholders in a single platform, reducing the need for physical interactions, calls, and chats.
– Automation: Experience the power of automation for smarter and faster equestrian management.

Embrace efficient equestrian management with Gordon Web Solutions, your ultimate web solutions provider.

Smart Stable Board



A 32″, 43″, or 55″ touchscreen in the heart of your stable provides access to our stable management software to easily log activities.

Keep your entire team aware of what is happening and what must be done.

Optional – You can use our software with your phone, tablet, or computer.

smart stable board replace your whiteboard
digital stable management



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